Environmental Operators Certification Program


In 2012, the EOCP created the Operator of the Year award, that recognizes an individual Operator who is a true leader among certified Operators.

For years it has been recognized that there are a few Operators in BC and Yukon who go above and beyond doing a good job; they provide an example for others of the many facets of being an Operator, particularly in supporting the activates of other Operators.  They take extra training, they make the extra effort to support their fellow Operators, and teach others what they have learned through many years of working in the filed.  Often they encourage others to become more involved, including attending training opportunities, and pushed certification before it was mandatory.  They go out of their way to help everyone in the water and wastewater field, often at the expense of their own advancement or what would otherwise be their own personal time.  They volunteer to help others, they make presentations, they serve on committees, and all while doing the things that are necessary to be considered “good at their job”.  If you know someone who may qualify, please submit their name to keames@eocp.ca and put “EOCP Certified Operator of the Year” in the subject line.

The call for nominations for the Operator of the Year award closes on August 4, 2014.







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